jamstack generator

automagically generate and publish "jsomorphic" webapps.

about @magic

magic is a module based generator for interactive clients, apis and static pages.

this is also called a jamstack, javascript, apis and markup.

less than 15kb of html + css + javascript boilerplate means @magic is minimal, and the module based approach means that it is also easily extendable and customizable.

to see how to initiate the magic, simply visit the getting started page.



@magic makes it easy to stitch any kind of webapp together.

by providing simple, well documented, and self contained modules, @magic enables you to create complex interfaces with minimal cognitive overhead.


@magic will work in any team that has one or more developers / content creators / editors.

it is intended for organizational structures focused around small teams working in programmer anarchy, where every person and every team is responsible for their own slice of the pie, with minimal oversight and organizational overhead.

some call it agile.


the developers create custom components, which the content creators use to create the actual content of the pages, written in markdown.

once the content has been created, the developer (or editor) creates a new bundle and pushes the changes to the page.

this allows every team member to spend time with the things they are good at, mapping individual responsAbilities to a natural hierarchy of competency.


by creating html, css and javascript files, @magic makes sure that your pages load as quickly as possible, and a well designed app will stay usable without javascript.

if javascript is enabled, the client will automagically enhance itself with javascript only functionality.

minimal dependencies

@magic has one external production dependency (spanning about 500 lines of code), jorge bucaran's excellent hyperapp library, which provides the foundational state machine that @magic is built upon.


@magic does not spy on it's users.

in addition to being legally compliant to the european privacy laws, we will always aim to do the ethical and right thing for all users of the web.

this means that we place your right to privacy above our want to know, but at the same time this means that we place the rights of your users above your wants.

we think that this is the only fair solution.

privacy policy