jamstack generator

automagically generate and publish "jsomorphic" webapps.


@magic is quite a big ecosystem already and spans 5 github organizations.

@magic core utilities

the magic core utilities include a test framework, a css-in-js library, markdown/html to @magic mjs transmutations, a javascript prettifier, many other libraries, that get used throughout the magic ecosystem, and, of course, the @magic/core package.


example pages to help getting started with new @magic projects.

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modules are the building blocks of your app.

since most of the pages built using @magic are documentation pages for @magic libraries, a lot of the existing modules make it easier to document projects.

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themes make pages look nice.

this page uses the prepared project theme.

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@magic-libraries provide browser functionality. they can handle json, provide a database, convert graphql, parse and serialize uri's, and type check

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