jamstack generator

automagically generate and publish "jsomorphic" webapps.

why magic?

@magic is tiny

usually, all the javascript in your homepage will be 30-60 kb big (after unpacking), 10-30 kb get transmitted from the server to the client.

this complete page you are reading with all sub pages loads about 40kb of unpacked, 15kb of gzipped javascript.

@magic works without javascript

most of the functionality works without javascript, some buttons and realtime user interactions obviously won't, but @magic always provides a non-javascript fallback that gets enhanced by js if possible.

@magic generates static pages

this makes free hosting (using github or gitlab pages) possible. and it's easy to get started.

free hosting

@magic publishes to githubgitlab and any other git-pages enabled hosting service.

serverless / faas

automagically generate serverless lambdas, derived from the @magic-modules you use in your pages.

this makes contact forms, visitor statistics, user authentication and authorization, chat, and all other server side services possible.